Our mission is to export the authentic Venitian Spirit through a unique shoe

In Gondolina, each Furlane pair is unique, crafted to the highest quality from 100% Italian natural cotton velvet and handstitched by our network of Italian artisans, 100% made in Friuli (Italy).
  • Olivia

    Absolutely love these shoes! The comfort is unparalleled, and you can genuinely feel the top-notch quality in the materials used.

  • Bea Ruma

    What comfort in a shoe, incredible how elegant this Furlane is, and how versatile it is to match, you can feel the quality of the materials.



  • Claudia Revuelta

    ”Comodìsimo, elegantes y opcionales a los tacones, se nota la calidad de los materiales y la forma de la slipper y su tacto es alucinante. No me los quito!”.



  • Rocìo Macìas

    Incredibile la qualità, il velluto e il colore nella pantofola. È la scarpa più comoda che abbia provato da molto tempo.

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