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Balotina Mary Jane Mattone

Balotina Mary Jane Mattone

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*If you have a 36.5, our shoes will be a 37*


Finally, Maximum Comfort and Elegance combined in one shoe. Balotina is the solution with a gentle lift, providing you with the comfort of standing for hours for any occasion, such as travel, in the office, dinners, events, conferences, strolls through your city, or any other situation you can imagine. Moreover, it gives you the height to keep you fashionable and dazzling.

Perfect for traveling due to its versatility and flexibility, ready to pack wherever you go.

Every Gondolina pair is meticulously crafted in the original Friuli (Italy), by expert Italian artisans, using the highest quality materials to give you a unique work of art.

Step up with Gondolina and embrace maximum comfort and elegance.


Realizzato con il pregiato tessuto Toile de Jouy è un'ode alla raffinatezza e all'eleganza.

Shipping & Returns

Shoes will be delivered within 5 working days. Shoes which are in Pre Sale, will take 4-5 weeks to be delivered.

Care Instructions

Our Gondolinas are handmade with love in Friuli (Italy). In order to keep their natural shape, please store them the way you recived them once’s purchased.

ONG Collaboration

With each purchase, you are contributing with the ONG "El Gancho", helping them to build the project "Tu casa azul".

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The authentic Gondolieri’s shoes

Made following their traditions, Gondolinas are made with the highest quality cotton velvets, sewn in Friuli (Italy) by our italian artisans.