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Forest Green Friulane

Forest Green Friulane

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Classic Gondolina, immerse yourself in the allure of authentic Italian craftsmanship with our exquisite Friulane shoes, designed for the modern woman.

Handcrafted in Friuli, Italy, by skilled artisans, these shoes showcase the finest 100% Italian cotton velvet, ensuring both comfort and luxury.

Embrace tradition and eco-consciousness, as the recycled sole echoes our commitment to sustainability.

Experience the genuine charm of Made in Italy Friulane, where every step resonates with hand-made excellence, perfect for the woman who values both style and authenticity.

Experience Gondolina's Italian luxury: handcrafted in Friuli, comfort-focused, and timeless. Born in Venice, cherished worldwide for quality and elegance.

Gondolina Shoes, From Venice To YOU



100% top quality italian velvet

Recycled rubber sole

Shipping & Returns

Shoes will be delivered within 5 working days. Incase of return, please email:

Care Instructions

Our Gondolinas are handmade with love in Friuli (Italy). In order to keep their natural shape, please store them the way you recived them once’s purchased.

ONG Collaboration

With each purchase, you are contributing with the ONG "El Gancho", helping them to build the project "Tu casa azul".

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The authentic Gondolieri’s shoes

Made following their traditions, Gondolinas are made with the highest quality cotton velvets, sewn in Friuli (Italy) by our italian artisans.